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GVSU Health & Wellness

"April showers bring May Flowers"

Don't let the April showers set you back this month! This month's edition contains information about

  • How to start your own fitness journey
  • How to encourage healthy lifestyles for others
  • How to overcome setbacks by utilizing our spring programming
  • How to participate in the farmers market

Encouraging Healthy Lifestyles: A 5 Year Review

Our mission is to promote and encourage healthy lifestyles to enhance the quality of life for Grand Valley State University faculty and staff members and their families. Highlighted in this 5 year review of the Human Resources Health and Wellness program is how the program has increased faculty and staff participation, created a culture of health, and contributed to Grand Valley's academic mission. Visit our online version of Encouraging Healthy Lifestyles: A 5 Year Review.

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Success Story: Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson, a Grand Valley Facilities Services staff member, has just begun his fitness journey. Kevin started walking the track after his shift at the Fieldhouse about two weeks ago. Already, Kevin notices more energy throughout the day and easier breathing patterns. He tries to incorporate 7 hours of walking a week into his schedule as well as biking when he can. One of Kevin's goals for this summer is to participate in a long distance bicycle race up north.

Kevin has several different motivators for making healthier choices. He recently participated in the Know Your Numbers program as one of his first steps in the Healthy Choices Incentive Program. After seeing some less than desirable numbers, such as high blood pressure, Kevin decided he needed to make a few lifestyle changes. He hopes that these changes will help him to lose "just enough" weight. Kevin also expressed a desire to be a good example for his family and his church.

In addition to exercising more frequently, Kevin is also making changes to his diet by consuming more fruits and salads while limiting fast food. Although Kevin did not foresee any specific setbacks to his new lifestyle, he does keep in mind that "nobody is perfect" and that he just needs to "keep moving." Advice that Kevin would like to impart to anyone else who is just beginning their fitness journey is that you must, "do it for you. Make a difference in your own life, for you."

Do you know a faculty, staff member  or department who serves as a role model for healthy living? Nominate them for our monthly newsletter feature!

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Overcome Your Setbacks

“Breakdowns can create breakthroughs. Things fall apart so things can fall together.”  Unknown.

Meet with UMR Health Coach

Allendale Campus
April 23 7:00am-6:00pm

Pew Campus
April 24 10:00am- 8:00pm  

Health coaching is available to benefit eligible GVSU faculty, staff and spouses at no cost to the member. Topics range from weight and stress management to nutrition. Qualified Health Coaches help direct and provide resources to help members meet their goals in a confidential and personalized manner.

To make your appointment please call Karen Silber, UMR Health Coach, directly at 1-800-316-9946 or email ksilber@umr.com.

Cancer Warriors Network
If you’re facing a cancer diagnosis, have a loved one battling cancer, or you are through treatment and on the road to recovery; connecting with others who have traveled this journey can be a source of comfort and hope.  Join us on April 19th for the third meeting of the Cancer Warriors Network! Register here.

Family Friendly Resource Guide
Have you been scouring the GV Manual or the Grand Valley website to find information about maternity leave, new parent resources, caregiver information, or other family friendly policies offered by the University? All of this information can now be found in the Human Resources Family Friendly Resource Guide

Emotional Health Video
If you've been encountering setbacks in the emotional aspects of your life, take a step to overcome those obstacles by watching our emotional health video. The video can give you insight as to what resources Grand Valley offers to help you or a loved one to overcome anxiety, depression, or an emotional health challenge.


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Farmers Market Grand Opening!

Eath Healthy. Buy Local.
Take Action.

Grand Valley Farmer's Market provides a fresh and local option to buy produce and other great goods! Open seasonally from June-October, every Wednesday from 10:00am-1:30pm. This season we have a NEW LOCATION - Parking Lot H.

OPENING DAY - June 5, 2013
To kick off another great season of fresh, local fruits and vegetables we will be hosting a Grill Challenge on the first day of market! You can submit your healthiest grilling recipes to the Human Resources Department between April 29th - May 24th. To learn more about the special requirements, check out the entry form online or pick one up at 140 Lake Michigan Hall.

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12 Questions to Ask Your EAP

Q: Does our employee assistance service program offer employees access to a health advocate?

A: ENCOMPASS provides a separate service of health advocacy for our client companies. This may be purchased on a fee for service basis or a subscriber rate, like the EAP itself. In the event that an employee needs access to a health advocate, ENCOMPASS will assist the employee to find the best possible resource.

We want to feel confident that our employees will be treated well when interacting with our employee assistance program. So, we’ve asked 12 questions to a representative from Encompass, GVSU’s Employee Assistance Service. The full interview can be found on our ENCOMPASS webpage.

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